What is Siphon Coffee?

What is Siphon Coffee?

Siphon (vacuum pot) coffee is a brewing method that involves a process of mixing coffee with boiling water ascended from the flask through siphonage to extract and filter the coffee.
In the Japanese siphon coffee methods, the coffee is stirred twice using a bamboo spatula, just like the use of chopsticks developed in Japanese culture.

The first stirring is done after the water ascends to the funnel. This is for the degassing of the coffee particles by allowing ground coffee to make contact with the boiling water and for impregnating the coffee evenly with the water.

The second stirring is a repeat of the first, but it helps to ensure the complete degassing and to promote appropriate filtering of the coffee.
By the siphonist's skillful stirring with the bamboo spatula, the coffee particles are completely degassed and start accumulating on the filter, from heavier and larger particles to the smaller ones.

Through this process, a filtering layer is created naturally on the filter by the coffee particles and undesired taste is filtered in "adsorption filtration" and "depth filtration".
This technique, based on the deep understanding of the siphon coffee's brewing mechanism, leads to a delicious cup, and such a taste cannot be realized by just randomly mixing the coffee.


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Brewing Technique

Measuring hot water

The competitors are required to have a skill to measure the accurate amount of hot water in the competition.
The three flasks have to be filled with the same amount of hot water.


Stirring is a delicate handcraft. It's not as simple as just mixing the coffee.

When you mix too much at the first step to impregnate the ground coffee with the hot water, it will result in turbidity and undesired taste.

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Table Setting

The competition is not only about the techniques.

It all starts from welcoming the customers.


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Signature Beverage

Competition Scenes

World Siphonist Championship 2018



World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2018(SCAJ2018)
At Tokyo-Big Sight West Hall 3 and 4.


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What is siphone Coffee?

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