World Siphonist Championship 2020 (WSC 2020)

DateMarch 20th (FRI) , 2020
CityPu’er, China
VenuePu’er International Specialty Coffee Expo 2020
Pu’er Center (Next to Pu’er Grand Theatre, Bin He Lu, Simao, Pu’er, Yunnan)

World Siphonist Championship 2018 (WSC2018)

RankCountry/RegionCompany/Shop NameName 
ChampionThailand Nana Coffee RoastersKasama Kunboon
2ndTaiwan Waka Oca CafeWei-Shin Chang
3rdMalaysiaPage 2 CafeRegine Wai

Summary of World Siphonist Championship 2018(WSC2018)

DateSeptember 27th 2018
CityTokyo, Japan
VenueTokyo Big Sight(SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2018)

Important Notice about the Competition

WSC2018 Rules and Regulations

WSC2018 Sensory Score Sheet

WSC2018 Technical Sore Sheet

Heat Source Halogen Lamp

Siphon Competitors must use the siphon table supplied by the WSC official machine sponsor

Hikari Siphon Table Instruction Manual

Siphon Instruction Manual

Summary of World Siphonist Championship 2017 (WSC2017)

DateOctober 28th 2017
CityKaohsiung, Taiwan
VenueKaohsiung Exhibition Center(Kaohsiung Food Show)
*A competitors' orientation meeting will take place on one day prior the competition. More details will be available soon.

Important Notice about the Cometition

WSC 2017 Rules and Regulations
WSC 2017 Score Sheets
Heat Source Halogen Lamp
SiphonCompetitors must use the siphon table supplied by the WSC official machine sponsor.

Hikari Siphon Table Instruction manual

Siphon instruction manual
official LanguageThe official language is English.