World Siphonist Championship 2017 Champion Yi-Shan Yang (Taiwan)

Yi-Shan Yang from Taiwan wins WSC, 2017 !

Second Iori Yahashi from Japan

Third Regine Wai from Malaysia


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Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) hosts the Japan Siphonist Championship (JSC) since 2003. JSC was expanded towards the world and the first World Siphonist Championship was held in 2009.

At WSC, you will see competitor’s performance from the world, expressing their culture and style. In this competition, competitor prepares 4 blended siphon coffees and 4 original signature beverages in 15 minutes of performance time. Siphon Coffee is one of the artistic brewing methods, audience also enjoys watching the process. Signature beverage is also a must-see. Its ingredients and presentation are very interesting with a lot of originality and they could never been seen in JSC.

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