World Siphonist Championship 2020 (updated)

Dear National Body,

Thank you very much for your continuous support for the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ).

The “World Siphonist Championship” organized by the SCAJ was established in 2009 as the world competition of siphon technique.
The last championship (WSC2018) held in Tokyo marked its 10th anniversary, and the contestants from 9 countries and regions competed for the title of the world siphonist championship.

We are pleased to announce the host country and schedule of the next 11th
Championship to our national bodies.
Date : March 20th (FRI) , 2020
City : Pu’er, China
Venue : Pu’er International Specialty Coffee Expo 2020
Pu’er Center (Next to Pu’er Grand Theatre, Bin He Lu, Simao, Pu’er, Yunnan)

We will be releasing more details of the event and WSC2020 R&R on the WSC official website accordingly.

We will be preparing for the WSC2020 more and more relating countries and regions to join us.

Please support our next competition which will be held in Yunnan, China, where the coffee industry has been achieving rapid development in recent years.

Best regards,
World Siphonist Championship Office